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Talent Management:

Job Descriptions: We work with hiring managers to create accurate and compelling job descriptions that outline the responsibilities, qualifications, and expectations for each position.

Candidate Sourcing: CNM utilizes various methods such as job boards, social media, employee referrals, and partnerships with recruitment agencies to attract potential candidates.

Interviews and Selection: We conduct interviews, both in-person and virtual, to assess candidates’ skills, experience, and cultural fit. CNM HR coordinates the selection process, including background and reference checks, and collaborates with hiring managers to make final decisions.

Onboarding: CNM manages the onboarding process for new hires, ensuring a smooth transition into the organization. This includes providing necessary paperwork, introducing company policies, and facilitating orientation programs.

Workforce Planning:

Workforce Analysis: We analyze the current workforce, including skills, demographics, and future needs, to identify any gaps or areas of improvement.

Succession Planning: CNM identifies high-potential employees and develops plans to groom them for key leadership positions in the future.

Recruitment Forecasting: We forecast the organization’s future workforce needs based on projected growth, retirement rates, turnover, and other factors.

Training and Development:

Training Needs Assessment: CNM assesses the skill gaps within the organization and identifies areas where training and development initiatives are needed.

Training Program Design: We help design and develop training programs in-house or through external providers to address specific needs. These programs can include technical skills training, leadership development, soft skills workshops, and compliance training.

Career Development: CNM supports employees in their career growth by providing resources such as mentoring programs, career counseling, and opportunities for internal mobility.

Performance Management: We implement performance management systems and processes, including goal setting, regular feedback, performance appraisals, and recognition programs.

Strategic Staffing: CNM works closely with hiring managers to develop strategies for attracting and retaining talent, including employee referral programs, employer branding initiatives, and diversity and inclusion efforts.

HR Strategy:

Policy Development: CNM helps create and updates policies and procedures that govern various aspects of employment, including code of conduct, anti-discrimination policies, leave policies, and performance expectations.

Compensation and Benefits: We design and administer compensation structures, salary scales, and benefits packages to attract and retain talent while ensuring market competitiveness.

Employee Relations: CNM handles employee relations matters, including conflict resolution, disciplinary actions, grievance procedures, and mediation.

Compliance: We ensure compliance with labor laws, regulations, and employment standards, both at the national and local levels. Most importantly, we stay current with legal changes and advise management on necessary adjustments.

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We believe that progress is critical to achieving long-lasting success. As such, we are constantly refining and improving the methods we use to tackle marketplace challenges. We aim always to find the best possible solutions and deliver measurable, sustainable results for our clients and communities.

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